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Cannabis is legal in several states. However, stigma continues to surround it. This can make it difficult for cannabis companies to get bank accounts. There are several hurdles that financial institutions face when creating a bank account for a cannabis dispensary. Some banks may have concerns about strict compliance issues and mandatory paperwork. However, there are financial institutions that are taking heed and providing valuable cannabis banking solutions for companies in need. Companies are most likely to find a bank for their operations in states where cannabis sales have been legalized. The following points represent a few rules of thumb for cannabis companies that need to open bank accounts.

Why Cannabis Banking Solutions Matter

There are many companies that are using a cash-only banking system. The companies only accept cash and keep it secured either on or off-site. The issue with this is security. These companies may become victims of extortion, robbery, or other crimes. If cash money is stolen, it is likely to be impossible to get back. Companies that can secure a bank account for a cannabis dispensary can have peace of mind that the financial institution is FDIC insured, which means their money is protected.

Potential Requirements

Banks that offer cannabis banking solutions want to ensure that they have business relationships with companies that are involved in ethical practices. This means that companies need to be prepared to furnish proof that their business is a legal operation. This can be done through paperwork that establishes the company as an LLC, DBA, or C-corporation. Some financial institutions may also want to have a bank representative visit the business location. If the account is approved, the bank will need to determine if there are other individuals besides the account holder who can access the account. these individuals are referred to as account signatories.

Making a Decision

Even though an institution offers cannabis banking solutions, it might not be a good fit for all companies. Cannabis company owners and decision-makers need to choose banking solutions that will meet their expectations. This involves more than finding somewhere to safely deposit money. They need to get information about daily limits on withdrawals, the number of debit cards allowed, fees, and payroll options. A financial institution that is committed to providing excellent cannabis banking solutions will be transparent about its policies.

Cannabis banking solutions exist even though it may be challenging to locate them. When they are located, they can be used as a resource for setting up accounts. Most of these financial institutions already have clients that own and operate cannabis companies. They can offer valuable insight into the finance side of the business, which may open up new opportunities for companies such as loans to expand their businesses or get new equipment. 

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28 November 2022