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Keeping Up With The Mortgage: How To Pay On Time, Every Time


A mortgage is a big responsibility. This is the home in which you will reside for many years to come. If you miss a payment, it does more than just damage your credit. It puts your personal comfort and present state in jeopardy. Some months it may be a challenge to keep up with your mortgage, especially if your mortgage suddenly adjusts its interest rate and payments. Here are some mortgage services and helpful tips that will help you keep up with your mortgage an pay it on time, every time.

Change the Frequency of Payments

Some mortgage companies allow you to change the frequency of payments. Instead of paying one massive lump sum at the beginning of every month, you could pay two, smaller payments each month. The payments can coincide with the dates you typically get paid. If you add direct deposit for both your paycheck and the mortgage, then the amounts can be directly withdrawn almost at the same time your paychecks are deposited. 

Sign up for Auto Debit/ACH Payments

Most mortgage companies now offer ACH payment or auto debit options to pay your mortgage. The ACH option auto-withdraws your mortgage payment on a specified date or dates and treats the withdrawal as an e-check. This means you will never worry about mailing the mortgage check on time or wondering if the mortgage lender received it on time. The mortgage company may also give you a slight discount on your payments when you opt into the ACH payment method.

Auto debit payments are a less-frequently offered option. This links your mortgage to your debit card or credit card. Payments are charged to your debit or credit card as scheduled. Some homeowners prefer this method because their debit or credit card issuers give them "cash back" for purchases made, and your mortgage payment counts.

When Your Credit Improves, Refinance at a Fixed Rate

Adjustable rate mortgages are very difficult to keep up with, unless you make a sizable income that grows with each passing year. As such, you may want to refinance your mortgage at a fixed rate, as soon as possible or as soon as your credit scores improve. The fixed rate will never change, your payments will never go up, and you can easily budget for your mortgage payments on a fixed rate. Try to get the best rate you can, so that you do not have to attempt another refinance a few years from now.


2 February 2018