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How New ATM Technologies Can Drive Customers To Your Business


ATM transactions are often an effective way to encourage business to come to your store. After all, everyone is going to need the ATM at one point or another. As the world changes, new technology is coming out all the time when it comes to money exchanges. It will be those who embrace the new technologies that allow money change into a more convenient form with more convenient approaches who often end up with the greatest benefits. Here are a few ways ATM exchanges and mother money exchange systems can benefit your business if you jump on them while they're new.

Cardless Transactions

Even if potential patrons need cash, they may sometimes balk at the need to go hunting around for their card. But one potential solution to this is the new cardless ATM transactions tech that's currently on its way. You won't have to use your plastic card at all anymore in order to get money out of a machine. Instead, customers won't need anything except for their smartphones.

Since people often have their smartphones out anyway, this can often be an incentive to bring customers into your store if you offer this tech when it becomes available. This will first start to be the case in 2016 in the banking stores themselves, and it should be ready to other stores sometime after that.

Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin is taking the world by storm these days in terms of legitimacy, and stores that offer transaction services such as this to patrons will often get a leg up on the competition. There are even taxis that are taking the currency these days, but it does seem like bitcoins will be more prevalent online than usable in person in the near future.

This means that allowing people to convert from bitcoin to cash may be more and more useful as more and more people starting using the cryptocurrency. Adoption such as from the aforementioned taxis likely will happen eventually, but there's going to be plenty of companies that prefer not to take anything besides cash for some time. This means that if you jump on this, then you'll likely drive customers who can't find this service anywhere else into your store.

Bitcoin ATMs are still limited to one per city these days on average, even though the use of it online is gaining steam. It's definitely an opportunity in the waiting for anyone prepared for change. 

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1 March 2016